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SNM Horror Mag was created by Steven N. Marshall and launched May 2008. SNM publishes 8 new stories on the first day of the even month and is a bi-monthly horror fiction publication which is free to the public. They publish new up-and-coming autors from around the world and are known as the bootcamp of horror. They have Author and Site Awards and and an SNM Goth Covergirls section.


  • Bonded By Blood: SNM Horror Anthology - 2008
  • Bonded By Blood II: A Romance in Red - 2009
  • Bonded By Blood III: Languish in Lament - 2010
  • Bonded By Blood IV: Scarlet Sunset - 2011
  • Bonded By Blood V: Doomsday Descends - 2012

SNM Author Novels By SNM Publications:

Jeff Parsons - Algorithm of Nightmares - 2012

Ryan Daily - Necromantic Screams - 2014

Ryan Daily - Dead Words, Deaf Ears - 2014

Brett Matthew Graham Published Novels By SNM:

Steven Marshall / Brett Graham - Occultica - 2010

Brett Graham - The Trespassers - 2011

Brett Graham - Suspentia - 2012

Brett Graham - Pretty Death Music - 2013

Steven Marshall / Brett Graham - Puppet World - 2014

SNM Steven Marshall Published Novels:

Steven Marshall - Rituals of Terror - 2006  (Out of Print)

Steven Marshall - The Banished - 2008

Steven Marshall / Brett Graham - Occultica - 2010

Steven Marshall - Gently Bleeding - 2011

Steven Marshall - Soul Stealers - 2012

Steven Marshall - Resurrected Rituals - 2014

Steven Marshall / Brett Graham - Puppet World - 2014


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SNM Horror Mag finished in 2nd Place on the Preditors & Editors Polls for Best Online Horror Mag of 2009. They voted SNM Mag published anthology Bonded By Blood II: A Romance in Red as a 6th place finisher as best horror anthology in 2009.

Stark Raven Press ranked SNM Horror Magazine the # 1 online magazine available for free on the web, based on published content, graphics, and navigation of site in 2009.

Associated Content ranked SNM Horror Mag #2 for Best online Fiction Horror Magazine in 2009.

Peditors & Editors reader's polls ranked SNM Horror Mag in the top 5 for best fiction online magazines from 2009-2012 and also lists SNM Mag as "Recommended."

Duotrope Digest listed SNM Horror Mag in the top 20 for most approachable markets in 2011 and conducted an interview with Steven Marshall.

SNM Mag Authors of the Year include: James Cheetham (2008) Brett Graham (2009) Kevin McClintock (2010) Vincenzo Bilof (2011) John Barnes (2012) and Rob Bliss (2013).

SNM Horror Mag still continues to publish new horror and dark fiction short stories for their webzine.

Additionally, they have expanded into publishing novels for their featured authors as of January 2012.

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