S.E.COX hails from the west midlands UK and lives alone with her two children. At present she is dating fellow writer and Artist Darren James and together they plan on building a career together. S.E.COX first starting wring at the age of 14 when she read a book called The Immortal by Christopher Pike who is at present one of Cox's favorite authors. She wrote completed her first novel at the age of 15 and continued that with a sequel of which both were unfortunately lost when she moved into her first home away from her parents. S.E.COX gave up writing for a while to focus on her singing career which took her away to the North East of the country where she worked as a part time cabaret artist/compare to other artists, on a holiday park for Great British Holidays.

After coming home and meeting her now ex partner, she had her two children and lived a relatively happy life. It wasn't until the breakdown of her relationship that she began writing again in September of 2008 when old friend and fellow writer Daniel I Russell who Cox went to school with, contacted her through Facebook. On finding out that Russell was a very successful writer, Cox took advice from him and began writing once again.

In 2008 Cox attempted NANOWRIMO (National Novel Writing Month) and completed her Novel, False Awakenings at 50,000 words in record time of 29 days. It is yet to be released. Also in 2008 Cox began writing short stories and her very first short story, Satan's Child was picked up first try by The Monsters Next Door eZine which unfortunately has now gone under.

In 2009, Cox's Novel Rosella – Forbidden Love was released. It is now available from and reviews can be found at Cox's Myspace page At the same time Cox's collection of short stories entitled Twisted Confusion was released and is also available at Cox continued to submit her short stories to various publications and was accepted in many places such as Pandora's Imagination, Pill Hill Press, Elements of Horror Anthology, Flashes in the Dark and many more.

June 2009 Cox opened up House of Horror eZine, Now a year old, House of Horror has put out 15 monthly issues, and up to six anthologies so far. Cox also introduced a writing duel with House of Horror in which a group of writers battled anonymously against each other to become number one. This duel has just finished, winner announced and the anthology is available now for pre-order.

Cox met now partner, Darren James via facebook in may 2010. They instantly clicked and now together they are helping each other achieve their goals. James has been working on a novel for 13 years and is also an excellent artist, his work can be viewed and purchased at under the name Dyce Bastion. James has produced artwork for some of House of Horror's anthologies including inside artwork for Stitched Up and the cover art for Tales of a Woman Scorned and also Pandora's Apothecary. Together they can produce great things. Watch this space.

Since becoming a respected public figure in the world of horror, Cox has had the pleasure of meeting a range of amazing writers and has interviewed many on her Blog Talk Radio Show "The Lounge." These writers include, Eric S. Brown, David Dunwoody, John Arthur Miller, Charlotte Gledson, Shells Water, Alan Spencer, Tonia Brown, and those are just to name a few. She loves to interview writers and review their work for her eZine.



  • Twisted Confusion and Other Chilling Tales


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  • The Devil's Quest
  • Incubites
  • Little Nikita

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