Night Terrors

Cover art for Night Terrors: An Anthology of Horror

Night Terrors: An Anthology of Horror was published by Blood Bound Books in May, 2010. The anthology was edited by Theresa Dillon.

Contents Edit

  • Tomorrow's Headline by Adrian Ludens
  • Holy is as Holy Does by Pete Mesling
  • Gravity Hill by Jenna M. Pittman
  • Lunatic Mile by Barry Napier
  • Scent by Joshua Scribner
  • The Intersection by Brenden P. Myers
  • Ten Seconds by Michael Hughes
  • Are You The Fairest? by Piper Morgan
  • The Good Father by E.R. Delafield
  • The Language of Colors by Deena M. Lyvang
  • The Stripper by Stephanie Kincaid
  • While Gabriel Slept by Matthew Moore
  • What's in a Man's Nose is his Own Business by Brian Barnett
  • Trepan by Bryan Oftedahl
  • The Elephant in the Marble by Desmond Warzel
  • From Under the Bed by David Bernstein
  • Little Piggies by G. Winston Hyatt
  • Summer Heat by Lawrence Salani
  • Twinkle, Twinkle by Jessy Marie Roberts
  • Only Three Dead Presidents by Robert Essig
  • Amy Lou's Ice-cream Parlor by Harper Hull
  • The Rest for the Wicked by Stephen Hill
  • Rache by Kendra Lisum
  • Tattered Notes Found in a Cheap Motel Room by Lee Clark Zumpe
  • Lookers by Brick Marlin
  • Good Samaritan by Murphy Edwards
  • The Hole in the Fence by Craig Saunders
  • The Bitter Taste of Rapture by Monique Bos
  • Living Memory by Keith J. Scales
  • The Face in the Sand by Lawrence Conquest
  • Somewhere Anywhere by Kevin Brown

Praise for Night Terrors Edit

  • From Trish Martin's review: "Creepy, macabre subject matter fills the pages of a Blood Bound Books first, Night Terrors: An Anthology of Horror edited by Theresa Dillon. Night Terrors is an anthology of 31 horror stories ranging from stories of serial killers, to monsters, to evil itself. There are stories here to satisfy anyone’s palate and quench anyone’s thirst for blood and gore." She goes on to say, "Each story has its good points and there is a little something for everyone within the pages of Night Terrors. So if you’re looking for something to read that you can pick up and put down when needed without breaking up the monotony of a long novel then pick this one up."
  • From Fangoria: “Harper Hull’s shocker “Amy Lou’s Ice Cream Parlor” is an absolute sucker punch to the gut. Hull drags us down into the spectral depths of his protagonist’s heartbreaking depravity—and never brings us back. Discovering this story at the tail end of the collection is just about enough to justify the entire purchase price. Hull is not alone. Desmond Warzel’s “The Elephant in the Marble” allows the reader to rubberneck through his narrator’s own compellingly hazy drug-induced demise. Craig Saunders’ “The Hole in the Fence” strikes its own confident balance between character and concept, while the sheer dissoluteness of Barry Napier’s “Lunatic Mile” deserves mention for tapping the reader’s gag reflex rather than just settling for a simple gag.”