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According to the Midnight Screaming Site: Midnight Screaming was just a twinkle in its editor's eye in late 2008. In January of 2009 the very first issue of Midnight Screaming was published and included works by seven different authors. The very first cover was photographed and designed by the editor. Midnight Screaming was founded on the idea that most readers don’t consume just one type of fiction, and therefore a magazine shouldn’t limit itself to just one genre. We envisioned a magazine where all genres could live together in peace and harmony, but you know what they say about good intentions.

There is no handbook for starting a magazine, and our first year of publishing was full of lessons to be learned. One of which was that while it seemed like a good idea at the time, a multi-genre magazine is nearly impossible to market. And cats are cute, but probably not the best choice of back cover art if you want to be taken seriously in market full of struggling start ups.

In January of 2010, after the publication of our fifth issue, Volume 2 Number 1, we began to reconsider the focus of Midnight Screaming. While we had some success in our first year (read: we hadn’t gone bankrupt in the first six months) we were struggling with declining sales numbers and website hits. We realized there was one thing we had done consistently with Midnight Screaming, and done well: CREEPY. Odd, strange, spine tingling, unnervingly creepy. You need a niche to be marketable, and we had found ours without even realizing it.

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