Long Live The New Flesh- Year One

The Cover Artwork for Long Live The New Flesh: Year One created by William Pauley III

Long Live The New Flesh: Year One is an anthology of 50 speculative flash fiction tales that ran in the first year of The New Flesh. The stories were edited by William Pauley III and Suzie Bradshaw and the anthology was formatted by Brian Barnett.

It was released as a free downloadable ebook on Feedbooks, Goodreads and Scribd on the one-year anniversary of The New Flesh, August 11, 2010.

Description Edit

The book was released with a description from the editors:

On August 11th, 2009 a new and exciting blog was born, THE NEW FLESH. This blog quickly became the home of hundreds of misfit stories that, to put it simply, were 'too weird' for other markets. 212 stories were published during YEAR ONE.

These are our favorites.

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