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Anthologies Edit

"Just a Phone Call Away,"Hot Blood: Seeds of FearH, 1995.

"Orifice," Hot Blood: Fear the Fever, 1996

"Track Eight," Shock Rock II, 1994

"Lincoln & Booth at the Orpheum," The Next Time, 2010

"The Tentacle," Call of Lovecraft, 2010

"Gingerbread Men," Toe Tags 2, 2010

"Cold Calls," Best New Vampire Stories, 2011

Story Credits Edit

The Two of Guns Eldritch Tales, 1990

Fluid Motion Aberrations, 1991

She Unmasks Her Beauty to the Moon Eldritch Tales, 1991

Shiny Red Nails Aberrations, 1991

The Lacquered Box

A New Lease on Life Midnight Zoo, 1992

Apt Pupae


Love Tap Eldritch Tales, 1992


Object Permanence

The Fifth Season

The Road Less Traveled

Track Eight Shock Rock II

Calendar Girl

Cold Calls 2AM 1993, Best New Vampire Stories 2010

Helping Hands Dead of Night, 1993

Just a Phone Call Away Hot Blood: Seeds of Fear, 1993

Last Call

Omnimpotent Aberrations, 1993

The Dark Level Deathrealm 1993, PseudoPod, 2009

Three Silent Things Cemetery Dance, 1993

Orifice Hot Blood: Fear the Fever 1995, PseudoPod, 2010

The Kit

The Skin Club

Wall to Wall

Sharp Edges Morpheus Tales, 2010

Show Me

Gingerbread Men Toe Tags 2, 2010

The Projector

The Water Bearer, 2010

The Bitches of Madison County

The Night Bird


The Hanged Man

The Tip

The Upholsterer

Lincoln & Booth at the Orpheum, The Next Time

The Note

The Scent

The Sunken Cathedral

Here, 2009

The Tontine NVH#4, 2009

Love in the Time of Zombies Zombie Chronicles #1, 2010

The Tentacle Call of Lovecraft, 2010

Three Dog Night Darker, 2010

The Mellified Man Night Chills, 2010