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Chad Case is a writer/storyteller living in Lawrenceburg, Kentucky with his small Pomeranian, Buttons. He has been published dozens of times by several different publications: MicroHorror, The New Flesh, Flashes in the Dark and Flashshot. He was born on Friday the 13th and at a very young age he got into the horror genre by watching Creature from the Black Lagoon, Dracula, Alfred Hitchcock Presents and the Halloween films. Since that time he has enjoyed writing short horror fiction, crazy love stories and occasionally a song or two.

He is probably best known for his recurring character, the ever dangerous bounty hunter Rex Miles. And lately he has been using a crazy family known as The Bluetooth Family, a sexy, bad-ass vampire chick named Jenteal St. Clair and most recently his My Darkest Days Are Upon Me series on Undead Fan Stories Wiki page.

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Rex Miles Edit

Rex Miles is a recurring character created by Chad Case. He is a bounty hunter who does his job well.

Stories with Rex Miles:

  • A Job's a Job
  • In Therapy
  • Plump the Lump
  • RatTail Randy
  • Shotgun Blues
  • Silver Bullets
  • The Meeting (with Suzie Bradshaw)
  • The Problem With Women Vampires
  • The Rumpshaker

The Bluetooth Family Edit

The Bluetooth Family is an insane, disfunctional family of four that Mr. Case using from time-to-time. The Bluetooth's are based in the fictional town of Fairvale, Kentucky.

Stories with the Bluetooths: