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AlienSkin Magazine is a defunct bi-monthly ezine that was dedicated to speculative fiction.

According to the sites "About Us" statement:

"AlienSkin Magazine was created by a group of Science Fiction, Fantasy and Horror writers who are familiar with the publishing market, and who want to help fellow writers gain publication for the stories that might have been overlooked by other editors, or that might've fallen through the cracks of this highly competitive market.

"Our magazine endeavors to offer a mix of free, online science fiction, fantasy, and horror stories, articles on genre writing, contests, and Blogs designed to help those interested in the genres.

"Our staff consists of pulbished writers, readers, and avid fans of science fiction, fantasy, and horror. Each of us knows how voracious writers are at seeking information about the craft of writing, and how writers seek innovative ways to help keep their creative juices flowing. We also know how difficult it is for fledgling writers to get markets to publish their work.

"AlienSkin also endeavors to provide new and avid genre writers with informative articles and writing related resource links, which may help them better understand and develop the skills they need to produce marketable articles and fiction.

Our contests are designed to reward writers for their creativity and skill, and to encourage them to keep writing, thus, allow science fiction, fantasy, and horror fans to keep reading. Money collected in contest entry fees goes into the prize pool and any profit overages go to buffer a contest that does not draw enough entries to cover the prize."

External Links[]

website: http://www.alienskinmag.com/main.htm